Olive Jane and Stephen are very proud of their “Rube Golberg Machine” they developed in physics class.

About BDA | Bohol Deaf Academy

It is a special place; a city on a hill with roads stretching and connecting people to education and opportunities. It boasts a deaf student body that is self-confident, talented and hopeful for the future. Many of these kids have been through some terribly difficult trials in their lives, experiences that most of us will hopefully never have to endure; …

Deaf Labor Force

IDEA Philippines is able to employ more than 100 deaf men and women in its various EIGPs (Employment / Income Generating Projects), schools, and office.

Silent Sunday in Bohol

Silent Sunday in Bohol Tagbilaran City, Bohol has a pretty large Deaf community.  By far, the majority of these deaf attend the Catholic Church as do about 90 % of all Filipinos outside of Southern and Central Mindanao.  The other 10% of the population attend various Protestant churches.  The Tiptip Deaf Church in Tagbilaran represents only a handful of Independent …

Adventure in Bohol

ADVENTURE IN BOHOL Adventure Church team with teachers and students at Loon Central Elementary School, Bohol Philippines The youth from Adventure Community Church in Duvall Washington came to Bohol this past July.  Shortly after the team arrived in Tagbilaran, they were asked what their expectations for the trip were.  They responded that they only wanted to serve and were open …