Support a Deaf Teacher

In the many years that IDEA has worked to help our deaf children have a bright future, we are honored to have produced deaf professionals with a passion for teaching. The majority of our deaf teachers were formerly IDEA-supported students and went through the same experiences as our deaf kids. They share a special connection with our students, and they are able to relate to one another on a deeper level. 

When IDEA hired them after they finished college, they received hands-on training from our experts. However, the Philippine Department of Education (DepEd) will not employ them as regular instructors unless they pass the licensure exam for teachers. Unfortunately, the exam was not designed with consideration for the deaf, making it hard for them to pass and earn the title of Licensed Professional Teacher. In fact, we only know of at least four deaf individuals in the country who successfully made it to the cut. Despite that, our deaf teachers just have much to offer. They have been teaching our deaf children dedicatedly and are inspiring models of successful working deaf adults whom our students look up to.

Through your support and generosity, we are able to employ these deaf teachers and allocate funds for their continued training and development so they can become equally competent. Please consider donating any amount to this noble cause. Your help would enable us to continue assisting and educating more deaf children in the Philippines.


Aiza graduated Bachelor of Elementary Education – Special Education last 2015. She has been teaching at Bohol Deaf Academy since 2018.


Randy graduated Bachelor of Elementary Education – Special Education last 2012. He has been teaching at Bohol Deaf Academy since 2019.


Roger completed Computer Secretarial and also took up Industrial Education.

He has been teaching our supported deaf students in Leyte since 1998.