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Deaf Employment

Young adults that finish their schooling need jobs. Few regular businesses are willing to hire the Deaf so IDEA Philippines has established a number of businesses to offer employment which we call Employment and Income Generating Projects or EIGPs.
All of the deaf employees are expected to become proficient in their jobs as they must compete with all other regular businesses. The hallmark of IDEA Philippines’ EIGPs is quality, good service, good facilities, and fair prices. It is on these qualities that we are able to succeed with our businesses.
If a business does generate a profit, that amount is funneled back into educating and caring for the deaf children in the schools.
Some of the businesses we are now involved in are Dao Diamond Hotel and Restaurant, Garden Cafe, IDEA Cafe and Pension House, Bohol Hearing Clinic, and Fly Tying.
Watch this video of our Deaf in their respective jobs.


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  1. Do you have job opportunities for the deaf in or near enough Sta. Rosa, Laguna? I’m trying to help a friend. If you want, I can email to you her resume. Thanks.

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