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About Child Sponsorship


Some of IDEA’s deaf children come from home lives where they are isolated and neglected because of their disability. Some of the children are physically abused while others are even abandoned.

IDEA offers you the opportunity to help a deaf child in the Philippines go to school and give them a hopeful and bright future.
Because of the very tough economic conditions in their homes, school is just not an option for these kids without financial assistance.


  • Schooling
  • Classroom supplies
  • School uniform
  • 24 hour loving care in one of IDEA’s dormitories for stay-in students that live too far to commute to school daily.
  • All meals
  • Medical care
  • Transportation to and from their home on weekends for stay-in students
  • Transportation daily for the stay-out students that are able to commute and live less than 30 minutes away from school.

Bohol and Leyte are large islands that take 3 to 5 hours to travel from one end to the other. For this reason the children need to come to Special Education Centers that IDEA has established in cooperation with the Philippine government.

In the Philippines, the classrooms for the Deaf are incorporated into the regular government schools. Typically there may be 1000 regular students attending school in an elementary school campus with 50 to 70 IDEA supported deaf students. The Deaf have their special classrooms and special teachers but are mainstreamed into some classes. There are 5 such elementary school centers supported by IDEA on Bohol and Leyte.

IDEA also founded and supports the Bohol Deaf Academy as a private high school in the city of Tagbilaran on the island of Bohol. This school is not a government school although it is accredited by the government.

You can make a PROFOUND difference in the life of a deaf child. You will receive progress reports and updates on your child. The child will also personally send you cards and letters. You are given the option to correspond with your child and even share with them during birthdays and Christmas.

The $1.00 a day reflects the cost to be a CO-SPONSOR

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