Back In the IDEA Shop

This makes one wonder at the use of the term “DISABLED” to describe a person. IDEA takes pride in “Enabling” people.

Answered Prayer

Through God’s intricate connections of timing, people at IDEA were made aware of the need. With 10 family members crammed into their temporary shelter under the tree, we felt it best to provide them with two core houses setup side by side. Although the combined floor space is only 387 square feet, this is a great place for them to begin the rebuilding process.

Changing Lives in the Community

  With a pile of rubble in the background and workmen hammering all about the business of running a city still goes on. All the salvageable desks, filing cabinets and books of records were being used in these temporary tent offices so that business can go on.  The City Hall at the center of Sagbayan was near the epicenter of …