Deaf Labor Force

IDEA’s Deaf Labor Force

IDEA Philippines is able to employ more than 100 deaf men and women in its various EIGPs  (Employment / Income Generating Projects), schools, and office.  It is now the second largest employer of the Deaf in the Philippines.  Hapee Toothpaste manufacturing company in Manila now holds the number one spot.
IDEA Philippines is very proud of its labor force.  Most of these people were at one time students supported by IDEA in elementary school and high school.  Along with their academic education they learned a trade and now have good jobs.

New patio being constructed at the Dao Diamond Hotel

Tagbilaran, Bohol, Philippines

IDEA Philippines continue improve and expand its EIGPs with the help and expertise of the talented men and women.  Even the seeming simple thing such as placing patio pavers takes skill.  Each paver was also hand made by a team of deaf men.  By the way, most these deaf employees are now married and supporting families of their own.

Pavers and Patio Video Link

Deaf construction crew opens up wall between two function halls at

Dao Diamond Hotel, Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines

An IDEA Philippines Employment / Income Generating Project

Video Link Of Wall Work