Dennis With Deaf Kids

IDEA Deaf Festival

Before IDEA was established, there was no deaf community in Bohol at all. Now, it is vibrant, thriving, and very much alive.

IDEA hosts the Deaf Festival to celebrate the diversity, beauty, and strength of the deaf community. Deaf students, alumni, and workers from the islands of Bohol and Leyte, Philippines, gather to honor the incredible achievements and resilience of their amazing community. For two days or more, this wonderful group of people holds a sports festival, puts on a fantastic variety show, plays fun games, enjoys a lot of good food, and strengthens lifetime friendships. This event allows the deaf to demonstrate their abilities and skills. The deaf students and their families also get to hear the inspiring stories of the alumni and workers.

IDEA used to hold the Deaf Festival annually, then every three years. The most recent Deaf Festival was held in November 2018. After nearly six years, IDEA will organize the event again in January 2024.