About BDA | Bohol Deaf Academy

It is a special place; a city on a hill with roads stretching and connecting people to education and opportunities. It boasts a deaf student body that is self-confident, talented and hopeful for the future. Many of these kids have been through some terribly difficult trials in their lives, experiences that most of us will hopefully never have to endure; and yet, they are emerging as positive, well grounded young men and women ready to take on whatever comes their way.

Their success is in no small part due to the countless hours of dedicated care by staff and the absolutely crucial financial support of sponsors. The BDA students have become who they are today because of the many of you who have made it possible. They can read, write, sign, dance, act and, most importantly, they get to be teenagers together.
The curriculum of BDA is similar to that of other high schools, but with a larger emphasis given to learning career and life skills. Students are trained to think entrepreneurially and are taught to be fiscally responsible. With the opening of the student canteen and diner, and the advent of the Technology and Livelihood Education classes, students are now able to bake, cook, serve and sell food products to the public while learning how to manage expenses and profits. This is done in an effort to increase their employability in Filipino society.
It’s a learning process, we don’t have it all right yet; but every year teachers and staff strive to improve their methods and educational systems in order to better cater to the deaf youth here in Bohol. The hope, as always, is to see to it that all of our graduating students have the confidence and abilities necessary to make it out there in the real world.