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How IDEA is Funded

IDEA depends on the generosity of individuals. It is only through your kindness that we are able to reach out to the impoverished deaf children in the Philippines.

Over the past 30 years, IDEA has been impacting the lives of thousands and thousands of impoverished deaf children throughout the Philippines, their families, marginalized women, as well as kind-hearted American sponsors mostly from Billings, Montana. 

Perhaps you would like to help us meet some of our general foundation operation needs or contribute to a special project. You can make an on-line contribution using your credit card through PayPal, an easy, free, and secure way to donate. CLICK HERE TO DONATE or go to

Funding comes from these sources

  • Mainly funded by individual student sponsorship’s. Click Here to Become a Sponsor
  • Also by monthly donations from funding foundations.
  • Partly supported by IDEA Philippine Income Generating Businesses

Construction of Facilities

  • Mainly funded by grants from various foundations and corporations.
  • Also through individual designated donations from private persons and churches.


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