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Born Deaf In The Philippines

Why Idea

Isolated by silence:

You need to use your imagination. Imagine what it’s like for a deaf child who can’t communicate with anyone . . .NOT ONE PERSON!
The child doesn’t even know his own name because he’s never heard it or understood enough to see when it’s written. All he knows is to do a few family chores like fetching fire wood or water. Maybe he can even cook rice and clean the floor. After that, it’s just a matter of watching the world go by without understanding much of it.


Isolated by ignorance:

Without ever having the opportunity of schooling, the deaf child can’t understand anything in writing and never learns formal sign language. He can’t understand money or shopping at the local market. Having no education dooms him to a life of servitude, neglect and dependence.

Isolated by Poverty:

Only a lucky few of the deaf children in the Philippines are NOT born into poverty. Those lucky few are sent to expensive schools for the Deaf or even have special tutors. The vast majority of deaf kids live in poverty situations. Government Day-Programs that serve to educate deaf children are very scarce. Because of distance and cost, most deaf children never have the chance to go to school. No education means no independence and no jobs. It is a cycle of poverty.

IDEA  offers a way out!

Watch a video about IDEA’s work

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