Tiptip Church

Tiptip Deaf Church

Pastor Mart

Pastor Mart

When Johnny and Veronica Dunnington moved to Bohol, Philippines in 1993 to become missionaries, they could not have known where God would lead them. They had $500 in their pockets with nowhere to go. They stumbled into a dormitory for the Deaf where they met Dennis Drake and that is where it all began. Veronica is Deaf and the Dunningtons felt called to plant a church for the Deaf. Seven years later, their church building was completed. They called their first service on September 17, 2000 and 30 Deaf attended.

The church is called the Tiptip Deaf Church, a non-denominational church. The church has grown from 30 members to nearly 200 members now. Presently ministering the church is Pastor Mart who is also Deaf.

Many Deaf in Tagbilaran City have married and now have hearing children so the Tiptip Deaf Church established a children’s Sunday school so that whole families can attend. Leonie, one of the teachers at Bohol Deaf Academy, is teaching the children arts and crafts, Bible stories, and more.

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