Idea family 2024

29th IDEA Deaf Festival

It was a tremendous blessing and opportunity for the IDEA family to be able to celebrate its 29th Deaf Festival on January 26–27, 2024, at Bohol Deaf Academy (BDA)! Deaf students from IDEA-supported Special Education (SPED) centers in Bohol, as well as alumni, teachers, and workers gathered to honor the remarkable achievements and resilience of their amazing community. They had …

Sign Language Class for the Local Government in Jagna

Visiting a local government office is often challenging for the Deaf. Some Deaf are courageous enough to overcome the communication barrier with basic gestures while many decide to avoid the difficulties of public communication altogether. The unfortunate reality is that the communication gap isolates many Deaf from the public. As advocates for our Deaf brothers and sisters, IDEA knows that …

Christmas 2017 Newsletter

Here is IDEA’s  Christmas 2017 Newsletter.