Micro House

Micro House in Bohol


The economy has always been tough on the island of Bohol.  Although it is improving it is still nearly impossible for the average wage earner to put enough money together to put a down payment on a home or to even qualify for a loan.  Yes, this sounds like the same story all over the world but this is especially true for the Deaf living on this island and elsewhere in the Philippines.

IDEA Philippines employs around 120 deaf adults in its various (EIGPs) Employment / Income Generating Projects and most of them are required to join a government housing loan program.  The challenge has been to come up with a house and property that would fit their budget and ability to make monthly mortgage payments.  We have finally come up with a micro home that fits their incomes.  It is a micro house or can be thought of as a starter home.  The house design has been approved by the government for loans and it seems that the road is now clear to begin mass producing these structures.

The homes are built in our IDEA shop by our deaf carpenters.  We are not able to go down to a Home Depot and buy the lumber.  Instead we have to order the lumber rough cut by chainsaw and then bring it into our shop to mill it down to ship-lap siding and studs.  It is a very labor and equipment intensive effort.  The homes are then either built in knockdown form or totally assembled and delivered to the building site on a trailer or truck.

Thanks to our friend Andy Cohen who has funded this project to honor is father, we are now in the process of setting up the Cohen Village I. 
We hope to be able to set up 10 to 15 home on a piece of property already owned by IDEA Philippines.