Polynesian Theme at Dao Diamond

A New Hotel Theme

Arnold made base sculpture

Junior and Toni carve details

We recently discovered that one of IDEA’s deaf carpentry employees has an amazing ability at sculpting.  Because our Dao Diamond Hotel has changed its motif to Polynesian it was thought that we needed a Tiki or two around to add to the atmosphere so Arnold the carpenter was given a small photo to go by and asked come up with a 10 foot statue that would be fun for the customer.  Because of the wet weather issues we decided to ask him to make it out of concrete and this is what he is coming up with.  It really is quite an amazing talent.

Junior and Toni, two other IDEA employees, are now busy doing the detailed carving on the fun statue.  This is accomplished by putting a layer of body filler over the concrete base sculpture.  When completed it will look as though it is carved out of wood, weathered, and appear as if it were 200 years old.