Loon’s New Dorm

Loon's New Dorm

Loon’s New Dorm

Excitement is in the air! IDEA’s students living in Loon have had quite a few challenges over the last few years.

They have been through the trauma of an earthquake, attended school in a tent for a year because their classrooms were unstable, had their tent classroom blown down by a helicopter and lived with cracks in the walls of their dorm, remindingthem daily of the earthquake devastation.

But now it is time for something new! Thanks to the generosity of Christian Blind Mission (CBM), our deaf construction crew will be breaking ground on a new dormitory building on the Loon campus.

This new dormitory will be placed right next to their classrooms making it so much easier for everyone during the rainy season. With IDEA’s Island-wide hearing screening, more and more students are being identified and our current dormitory will soon be filled to capacity.

This new dorm will have a larger number of restrooms, including one that is handicap accessible. The covered deck and upstairs porch will make for a great place to study and play in rain or sun. And the cracks will no longer be there to remind them of the uncertainty. We are all excited to move on!

Thank you CBM!