Imported Teacher

Scotti and kidsIDEA Philippines would like to welcome Scotti Hilbert from Billings, Montana to the island of Bohol.  Scotti has come to volunteer with IDEA for six months and comes with substantial skills in sign language.  IDEA employes nearly 200 deaf and hearing persons in its assisted schools and employment/income generating business. All the hearing staff are require to attain a basic skill level in sign language but some are more successful than others.  One of Scotti’s main assignments is to teach sign language to some of our new hearing staff but also to some of our long time hearing employees who just have a hard time with sign.  Other assignments are for her to join our high school Outreach Team to visit the deaf elementary schools to share Bible stories and to help introduce some new American recipes to IDEA’s eateries.  Scotti seems to be right at home in the Philippines although it is a pretty big task to just learn how to get around in a new culture.  If you would like to follow Scotti’s experiences, you can check out her blog at