BDA Bus2

Help Us Buy A New Bus

Two days a week our high school students travel to IDEA’s manufacturing shop, Hammer and Nails, for vocational training.  The trip is only about 15 minutes, but our current 20-year old bus only has seats for 20 and we have almost 40 students.   It’s not ideal, but we work around this by taking two trips and staggering the instruction. 
This up-coming school year we anticipate an increase in students which means we will likely have to make 3 trips! We have concluded it is time to buy a bigger bus. 
IDEA is actively looking for a bus that can seat at least 50 students and we estimate the cost will be around $30,000.  Would you consider helping us fund a bus when we find it?  We hope to have it before the school year starts in June.
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Old BDA bus with the students going to the vocational training center