Happy Smiles!

Dentist's helping our students.

Dentist’s helping our students.


A group of volunteer dentists and dental assistants have chosen to bless IDEA and our students with their talents.  Taking a couple days a week to volunteer at our dorms and then spending the rest of their time enjoying our lovely island paradise.  A win-win!

So many of our students would never have the opportunity to receive this quality of dental care.   Through the generosity of these dentists and the sponsors  who so graciously pay for them to be at IDEA’s schools, they  are able to receive not just an education, but care for their physical needs as well.


Our dormitory dining areas work great as a temporary dental lab.

Temporary Dental Office

Temporary Dental Office

So far they have done:

for Talibon Dorm:
– 15 tooth  extractions
– 15 tooth Restororations
-35 cleaning/oral prophylaxis/fluoride treatment
for Sagbayan Dorm:
– 14 tooth extractions
– 42 tooth restorations
– 20 cleaning/Oral Prophylaxis/Fluoride treatment


Our dorms in Loon, Jagna and Bohol Deaf Academy are still to be scheduled.

Now that’s a lot of happy smiles!

Thank you Visitors!

Thank you Visitors!