Happily, “The Show Must Go On”

The school year in the Philippines is coming to an end and soon the students head home for a short summer vacation.  It has been a very rough year with the earthquake and typhoon but spirits are high and the kids and IDEA staff are bouncing back.  To prove this fact, our Bohol Deaf Academy (BDA) just put on a wonderful variety show for residents of the surrounding community where it is located.  The audience that filled  the local basketball court were treated to talents that they never expected to see coming from a deaf school.  It was the teachers and students goal to help the local neighborhood understand BDA and it’s student body better.  This was as much a bridge building event to the hearing community as an outright celebration that no earthquake or typhoon will extinguish the upbeat, progressive spirit of the students of the Bohol Deaf Academy.  Here is a little sample of Variety Show.  Remember, all the performers are hearing impaired.

BDA Variety Show 2 from IDEA on Vimeo.