Feeding Faith

Have you ever wondered how a Deaf child sings praises to God? How do they hear and understand God’s words? How do they share their faith?

Many of the Deaf students at IDEA have attended church with their families and have a basic church upbringing. Unfortunately, most churches lack deaf interpreters. As a result, some children do not grasp the fundamentals of faith. Jesus’ death on the cross and resurrection mean nothing to them until IDEA tells them of Christ’s love.

IDEA seeks to develop the whole person, especially spiritually. Our Deaf children need to know that God created them with great care, He loves them, and that He died for them so that they could be saved. Thanks to Mart, our Deaf pastor, Pastor Johnny, and Veronica Dunnington for their ministry at the Tiptip Deaf Church. Through Tiptip Church, our deaf students and families are knowing and being filled with the grace of God. They are finally able to express themselves with their hands, in songs, and in communication with other believers in worship.  It is truly awe-inspiring to witness how our deaf children grow with Christian values and in the steadfast love of Christ.

Watch this most recent video of our Deaf students and adults during their well-spent Sunday in Tiptip Deaf Church.