Don’t Forget Christmas!!!

So here is just one of the ways IDEA has responded to the earthquake and typhoon on Bohol. Here are some shots of our IDEA Philippines staff Christmas Party. Not only did we have the families of our teachers, dorm parents, office workers, and construction workers, but also all of our EIGP (employment/income generating project) employees and their families. About 500 kids and adults attended. Many of them had their homes destroyed but this was our way of celebrating life. ” TAKE THAT YOU NASTY OLD NATURAL DISASTERS”. Every one of our 7 IDEA supported schools will also be having their own Christmas parties even if they are having classes in make-shift tents.

IDEA Christmas Party Panorama

Balloon Circus 1Brian and Santa

By the way, the guy in the Santa suite is Denny Freed and the guy on his lap is IDEA’s own Brian Hillabush. The guy making the 100 balloon animals is our volunteer Circus. Boy will his cheeks be sore today from blowing up all those balloons.