Day After Christmas

While most everyone was looking to take a holiday break the day after Christmas, nine selfless volunteers from Faith Academy ( a Christian international school located in Manila) decided to come down to Bohol to help out some of the earthquake victims.  One of IDEA’s dorm mom’s home was totally destroyed during the earthquake on October 15 so the Faith Academy team was enlisted to help put her in a new home.

The first task in providing any of the Bohol earthquake victims with one of IDEA’s Earthquake Replacement Houses is the demolition of the damaged home.  The Faith Academy provided the muscle power to get this job done quickly.  This then clears the way for our experienced IDEA Deaf construction team to quickly set up our prefab house.

Salome In Front of Her Demolished Home

Salome In Front of Her Demolished Home

Faith Academy School volunteers from Manila along with IDEA's construction team.

Faith Academy School volunteers from Manila along with IDEA’s construction team.


Here is a short video of the Faith Academy Volunteers on the job in Loon, Bohol.

The biggest issue about Salome’s home is that it is built on sand. Our construction team will be headed back to the site this week to dig about 4 feet down to coral limestone and pouring concrete footing. Every house replacement has its own special set of challenges. IDEA has a list of about 150 homes that we are either repairing or replacing. So far we have put about 25 families back into homes.

You can provide an EARTHQUAKE REPLACEMENT HOUSE for a Bohol quake victim for only $750. JUST CLICK HERE TO DONATE ONLINE

Please note that the cost of these homes has increased over the past couple of months. This is due to the rising cost of construction materials due to the huge demand not only on Bohol but also the neighboring island of Leyte that was devastated by super typhoon Hiayan.