Computer Dream

BDA Gets Hi-Tech Boost

For many years we have been dreaming of having a well equipped computer lab at Bohol Deaf Academy.  Our attempts have been based on used computers that were outdated by the time we got them.  Even so we did the best with what we had but time, humidity, and heat are not kind to electronic at our school so that 90% of those old computers have totally died.

The Consuelo Foundation has come to the rescue with not only new computers but also a whole list of e-skills modules for teaching vocational skills.  This list of skills range from cooking to welding  . . .  from sewing to carpentry . . . . from electronic to landscaping.  The manner in which these courses are presented on computer provide our deaf students with individual, independent study allowing them to progress at their own rate.  Along with the computer e-skills training, the students are then put into actual environments such as kitchens, wood or metal shops, hotels, sewing rooms, etc., etc. to gain practice hands on experience.


that took place on June 17th, 2011