What is True Love?

For the past eight weeks 30 of our deaf couples and many singles attended a weekly Marriage Class taught by Don and Marie Hewett, missionaries who have lived here in the Philippines for 15 years and have taught marriage seminars for years.

Determination At Its Finest

Having a disability, lack of tools or even a typhoon are not about to stop these young men! Typhoon Haiyan left devastation to IDEA’s dormitory for the Deaf in Ormoc City. The boy’s room suffered the worst damage with the roof blown off and bringing the electrical wiring along with it. IDEA brought in a team to put up the …

Vocational Training Takes on a New Look

Through the help of our skilled workers and BDA teachers each student is able to learn how to use the tools needed to do the job and actually work on projects that need done for IDEA.

New Recruits

Throughout this past month our elementary teachers have been scouring the hills and towns searching for children who are deaf/hearing impaired and inviting them to come and be a part of our IDEA classrooms. This year on Bohol 32 students were identified between the ages of 5 and 13.

Back In the IDEA Shop

This makes one wonder at the use of the term “DISABLED” to describe a person. IDEA takes pride in “Enabling” people.

Answered Prayer

Through God’s intricate connections of timing, people at IDEA were made aware of the need. With 10 family members crammed into their temporary shelter under the tree, we felt it best to provide them with two core houses setup side by side. Although the combined floor space is only 387 square feet, this is a great place for them to begin the rebuilding process.