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Buwan ng Wika Commemoration at Bohol Deaf Academy

          A myriad of colors filled the Angelo King Hall at Bohol Deaf Academy (BDA) that eventful Friday. The female students were wearing their colorful Filipinianas, Baro’t Saya and Kimonas. The men looked dashing in their Barongs. Some students even opted to wear ethnic costumes that portrayed what indigenous people used to wear and which some existing tribes still don today. And the teachers wouldn’t want to let themselves be left behind, they also proudly wore their Filipino costumes. It was certainly a day filled with patriotism and glee.

          August 30, 2017 was the culmination of Buwan ng Wika (National Language Month) at BDA, carrying the theme: ‘Wikang Katutubo Tungo sa Isang Bansang Filipino’. The month of August is a month-long celebration that promotes the Philippine national language ‘Filipino’. BDA took the event even further as they get into all-embracing the Filipino spirit through competitions assessing their knowledge on the Filipino language, playing traditional games, and even prepared some local delicacies.

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          The program started off with the singing of the National Anthem with the students translating the song in sign language. The first part was the quest for ‘Lakan at Lakambini’, a male and female student who aptly portrays the traditional Filipino and Filipina. Every student got a chance to be chosen as they individually parade and pose on the stage and model down the red carpet. Everyone indeed looked splendid yet the best 5 male and 5 females had to be chosen and then undergo a series of questions to determine who is deserving for the title. And indeed, two worthy students emerged. Angel Mae was hailed Lakambini 2019 and Alvin was declared Lakan 2019, both students of which are in Grade 7.

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BDA Lakan at Lakambini 2019

          After getting their bellies filled during lunch, the students were grouped for academic competitions such as the quiz bee and message relay, all testing their knowledge on the Filipino language. The students got even more excited as the next part was the ‘Larong Pinoy’, where traditional Filipino games of Buwan-Buwan, Iring-Iring, Patentero and Chinese Garter were played.

Competitive group during the quiz bee
The students playing Chinese Garter

          The students were recharged as they were treated to a snack of local food like Binignit (sticky rice cooked in coconut milk with slices of sabá bananas, taro, sweet potato and colorful sago), Camote cue (slices of fried sweet potato coated with brown sugar) to name a few.

          Although exhausted from the long day full of activities, it was evident in the students’ faces that BDA accomplished its goal of honoring the Filipino language and cultural traditions.