Blown Away x 2

Twenty three days after the 7.2 earthquake rocked the island of Bohol, Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) ripped its way across the island of Leyte leaving utter devastation in its wake.  The roofs of our classrooms and dorms in Ormoc were  literally blown away! It was months before we could even get teams to the island for even minor repairs due to the lack of power and chaos created by aid agencies trying to get  emergency supplies rushed in.

Here we are a year and a half later,  blown away again by the generosity of  CBM (Christian Blind Mission) who provided us a grant to rebuild each of the damaged classrooms for the elementary, high school classrooms and dormitory.

For the past year and a half our deaf construction crews have been employed using their skills to bring life back to this campus.

We now have buildings that are safe and beautiful and a wonderful environment for our students to continue their schooling. How beautifully God turned something awful into something amazing!

Ormoc Boys Dorm Room Before

Ormoc Boys Dorm Room Before


Ormoc Boys Dorm After

Ormoc Boys Dorm Room After

Before - Elementary Classroom

Before – Elementary Classroom Building


After - Elementary Classes

After – Elementary Classroom Building


Before - HS Building

Before – Deaf High School Building


After - HS Building

After – High School Building