A Matter of the Spirit

Mission Accomplished

Veronica Dunnington and daughter Tiffany completed their stay in Bohol on December 9th.  Veronica was tasked with adding new life and direction for the Tiptip Deaf Church and she dedicated 2 ½ months toward this purpose.

As Veronica looks at the progress of these past months she comments that the deaf community of Tagbilaran, several hundred strong, are receptive to the Word of God.  She has worked with the church leadership in finding new ways to minister to entire families.  Tiffany along with Ging and Jessa (local volunteers) have established a children’s church at Tiptip for both the kids of deaf parents and the neighborhood children.  On their last Sunday in Bohol they had about 20 little kids attend, all hearing.   In the adult church service, more than 60 Deaf were in attendance.

Another important development has been the establishment of home groups.  Numbers of deaf adults, who are also leaders in the church, have begun to meet in informal home groups to build strong Christ centered relationships.  The purpose is not only to understand God better but to demonstrate Christ in their lives by sharing each other’s burdens and joys.

The leadership at the Tiptip Deaf Church has gained a new understanding about the church assuming the role of becoming the heart beat in the Tagbilaran Deaf Community.  To do so, they must address real needs with real solutions.  The key to this is to meet people where they are and just let Christ’s love shine.

Tiffany also joined IDEA’s elementary school outreach team.  This team of deaf high school students take the message of God’s love to the various deaf elementary schools twice a month.  This a very effective program that provides the young deaf children with the basic understanding of Christ’s life and begins to build a vocabulary so these kids can eventually understand the Bible.

Thank you to both Veronica and Tiffany for your willingness to give of your time and resources to help our deaf church.

You have left some pretty big shoes that we will try to fill.