Reymart’s Letter

This a letter Dennis Drake received from Reymart this Christmas.  He is the deaf boy who was told by two doctors that he would soon be blind but with the right kind of help and special contact lenses is now able to see well.

Christmas Bus

IDEA Philippines Christmas Bus headed out from Tagbilaran early in the morning of December 11. 2012

The Joy of Christmas

Marilou Drake and her team of Christmas elves spread a lot of joy to all the deaf children on Bohol. The last stop of the day for the IDEA Christmas bus was at the deaf dormitory in the town on Loon, Bohol where 38 deaf children live.  The deaf children at the other three deaf centers on the island gave …

IDEA’s Shopping Team

IDEA Philippines began preparing for Christmas months ago but the week of December 3rd to the 7th is shopping week.

First of Four Classrooms

The deaf students at the IDEA supported Sagbayan, Bohol school are all anxiously awaiting the opening of their new classroom building.

Silent Warrior

As a deaf person, Ignacio Sato has always let his hands do the talking. But one night recently his hands made a bolder statement when he became the first deaf person on the island of Bohol and possibly the Philippines to join a mixed martial arts tournament, and win!  As soon as the fight started, Ignacio dominated, steadily stalking his …

More Classrooms for the Deaf

IDEA has responded to their cries by beginning the construction of a four-classroom building on the Sagbayan Central Elementary School Campus.

Maasin, Southern Leyte Home for Deaf Children

It has been a remarkably rapid happening to see an abandoned building in the town of Maasin, Southern Leyte, Philippines turned into a dormitory for deaf children. It is now fully operational and being occupied by it first batch of hearing impaired students.

Bohol Deaf Academy Van

Bohol Deaf Academy’s old, leaky, rust bucket of a van has at long last been replaced by a beautiful, new roomy, air conditioned beauty. At least it is new to us. It is actually a low milage 2007 Mitsubishi L300 that is locally assembled in Manila into what is known as an Asian Utility Vehicle.