Bohol Deaf Academy Van

Bohol Deaf Academy’s old, leaky, rust bucket of a van has at long last been replaced by a beautiful, new roomy, air conditioned beauty.  At least it is new to us.  It is actually a low milage 2007 Mitsubishi L300 that is locally assembled in Manila into what is known as an Asian Utility Vehicle.  It is in great shape.  When the vehicle first arrived at the BDA campus, the deaf students couldn’t wait to take their turn ridding in it.  It is not unusual for temperatures in the Philippines to reach 90 degrees with 80% humidity so the first thing the kids say after taking their ride is, ” it’s cool”, and they don’t just mean just nice.

Ha Ha

This van is made possible because of the success of IDEA’s Mid-Year Fundraising Campaign.  We wish to thank all those who contributed after receiving IDEA’s Spring newsletter and appeal.  Our deaf students now have a much safer and more comfortable way to get to their vocational on-the-job training, plus the van is used daily for our dorm mother to go marketing and occasionally as a medical emergency service.  What a wonderful gift!