Maasin, Southern Leyte Home for Deaf Children

It has been a remarkably rapid happening to see an abandoned building in the town of Maasin, Southern Leyte, Philippines turned into a dormitory for deaf children.  It is now fully operational and being occupied by it first batch of hearing impaired students.  These kids mostly come from very impoverished homes and having things like indoor plumbing, tiled bathrooms, nice tables and chairs and even a bed off the floor are real luxuries.

After the Department of Education of Maasin decided to donate the abandon building to be used as a dormitory for the Deaf, funds were needed to renovate it.  Contributions from Faith Chapel in Billings, Montana, the Shin Family, the Playa Foundation, and IDEA Philippines have made this project possible.  We will also never forget the amazing hard work of the volunteer Faith Chapel Mission Team that initially clean out the building and did the major repairs on the structure.

The entire student deaf body of Maasin are now enjoying the dormitory and using also as a Deaf Center.  The enrollment of hearing impaired children is expected to grow rapidly over the next few years now that we have a dedicated dormitory.  The new facility has a capacity for 60 students.

Maasin, Southern Leyte Deaf students and their teachers.

Maasin Dormitory (left side) Special Ed Classrooms (right side)