God Bless This Home

You have to love these two photos.  Do you remember the old song, “No Matter How Humble, There  Is No Place Like Home”?  These photos really hit the mark.  A family of six live in this simple structure.  Not only has this woman placed the beautiful sign on her tent home that she and her family are forced to live in since the Bohol earthquake, but check out her T-shirt . . . ” Coming Happiness”.  She really epitomizes the great spirit of the Filipino people in the face of adversity.

God Bless thie House 1 Bless This Home

Actually the woman pictured in the above photos is Icsalen,  the sister of Salome, IDEA’s dorm mom.  Salome and another of her married sisters also lost their homes to the quake so IDEA gave them a new “duplex” home along with the help of some sweat equity from Faith Academy International School volunteers.  Six family members will be sharing this small house. Welcome home!!!  Thank you IDEA donors for helping us put one more family back into a house.

Please don’t forget that these homes are built by IDEA’s own all deaf construction crews.  These crews are made up of former IDEA students who are now adults with many now having families of their own.  They are able to earn through this Earthquake House Replace project to support their families.  It is remarkable that these deaf people who were once considered a drain on society are actually now meeting some of greatest social needs that the island of Bohol has every seen.

Salome and Sister’s New Home from IDEA

Salome and Sister’s New Home from IDEA

You can provide an EARTHQUAKE REPLACEMENT HOUSE for a Bohol quake victim for only $750.


Please note that the cost of these homes has increased over the past couple of months.  This is due to the rising cost of construction materials due to the huge demand not only on Bohol but also the neighboring island of Leyte that was devastated by super typhoon Hiayan.