Carbon Footprint :-)

While driving down the highway last week coming back from inspecting the quake damage in the Loon IDEA dormitory, we came up behind a form of public transportation known in the Philippines as a tricycle.  I think they set some kind of new record for the most people to ride inside of one of these three wheel wonders.  I guess they could have put a few more people on top but that might not be safe (wink).  It looked like the family was coming back from a day at the seashore.  That fact that the motorcycle in this amazing transportation units is only a 125 cc engine makes it a very “green” machine given how may people it can carry.  Of course it is doubtful anyone on this joy ride was thinking about their CARBON FOOTPRINT.  Looks like fun, doesn’t it?

Dennis Drake

Full Tricycle

Now That’s How To Economize!!!