Dennis Drake: Shining at Sixty

Dennis Drake: Shining at Sixty

Last November 29, while the entire Philippines was celebrating Bonifacio Day, one of its national heroes, the IDEA Philippines family also had another reason to party. And that was the 60th birthday of our dear founder George Dennis Drake, our own hero!

Without any clue as to what was happening on that special day, Dennis was led by his family and loving wife Marilou Drake to the dark Sta. Fe Function Hall at Dao Diamond Hotel, saying that they’ll just have their intimate family dinner there rather than drive all the way to Panglao, where most beach resorts are located. But what Dennis didn’t know is that a surprise awaits him as soon as he stepped into the hall and the lights were turned on.

Smiles, cheers, claps, balloons and party poppers were everywhere. And the smile that lit Dennis’ face in amazement was enough to power up the entire neighborhood. Inside Sta. Fe Hall, everyone who loved and whose lives were touched by Dennis were gathered. As they say, share the love and it will come back to you in multi-fold.

The night wouldn’t be enough if everyone personally greeted Dennis so they just conveyed their greetings and well-wishes in the form of songs and dances. It was truly more impressive than watching a talent show since all presentations were outpouring with sincerity and thanksgiving to the birthday celebrant. A PowerPoint presentation wholeheartedly prepared by his son and daughter-in-law, Aaron and Ashley took everyone to a trip down memory lane with Dennis of course as the superstar. His family from the US likewise sent their greetings through video. And it can be noticed that tears of joy started to glistened in his eyes.

But perhaps the greatest gift that he received this year was the honor of being called “Poppop” since days before his birthday, his first grandson was born.
Again, Happy Birthday Dennis and may you continue to be a blessing and an inspiration to us all!

New grandson, Koa Elijah

-from your IDEA Family