Christmas arrived a few days early for IDEA Philippine’s deaf children.  Because we don’t have a sleigh or snow, on December 14th  IDEA’s office staff loaded up our red van with a mountain of gifts to take to all the IDEA supported deaf centers around the island of Bohol.  There was some doubt as to whether they could fit all the gifts and helpers in but with a tight squeeze they did it.  Because “a picture says a thousand words” we’ll just show you what the day was like.

IDEA’s Santa Helpers used wish lists prepared by the elementary students and shopped for days to fill them.  Then they spent more days just organizing all the gifts for the distribution.  The deaf high school students up at Bohol Deaf Academy and the students in Ormoc, Leyte were able to shop for themselves because their schools are close to a large department stores.  Sponsors sent in money to buy their deaf child Christmas presents but even the children without sponsors got gifts courtesy of IDEA’s general fund.  IDEA spent about $6000 on gifts for 336 deaf children.  Every child was given at least $18 for shopping.  That amount goes a little further in the Philippines so that it might buy a pair of pants, dress, or shoes with a shirt / blouse and underwear or socks.  Most sponsors sent in a few more dollars so their children were able to get a few more things.

It was a long day for Santa’s Helpers

Merry Christmas Everyone!  shhhhhhh