A New Concept

Tilt-Bed Trailer for Micro Houses

This trailer is a thing of beauty in the way it is engineered. Jim Verploegen of Billings, Montana went over to Bohol for two weeks to lead the IDEA Philippines welders in building this 30’X8.5′ tilt-bed trailer used for delivering our micro or shed homes to the Cohen Village I home site and other sites. The basic trailer was donated to IDEA by NC Machinery in Seattle as part of a generator set. Jim has built many of these types of tilt-bed trailers back in Montana but he found it quite a challenge trying to find the right kind of metal on the island of Bohol. The IDEA Philippines construction crew is so excited to have this new piece of equipment because all could quickly see lots of application for hauling materials and equipment around.  IDEA would like to thank Jim also for the financial sacrifice in coming over and supporting part of the cost of construction of the trailer.  (the wooden deck has yet to be added in this photo)

Jim & Nita