Meeting Needs In Leyte

Earth Quake Donations

As you can imagine, after the homes of our teachers and deaf student’s families were destroyed by Typhoon Hiayan, their Christmas Wish List is now very specific.  Because of the continued generosity of donors, IDEA is happy to be able to help meet the needs of these families so they can move back into homes and out from under tarps and tents.  The huge demand for building materials and rice in Leyte has driven the prices sky high so IDEA will be shipping all these goods in from the nearby island of Cebu along with guards to insure the cargo gets to its destination.  The goods will then be placed at the IDEA dormitory in Ormoc, Leyte as a distribution center and then the parents will be coming down on January 6th to get their needed items.  We will need to rent a truck for the day to help them bring their good to be loaded on the tops of buses for the trip back to their homes in the mountains.  Although the journey these parents will need to make will be difficult, it will surly be with renewed hope.

Ormoc Wish List comp