Is There a Doctor in the House?

DSCN2786IDEA Philippines is so blessed to have visitors come from all over the world to share their gifts and talents with our deaf students.

Atena with students at Loon

Atena with students at Loon



Recently we had a group of young adults come from America for a visit.  Two of the individuals, Kristi Trickett and Peter Nguyen had just finished their first year of Medical School at Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences in Yakima, WA.  To use what they had learned and to have the opportunity to bless others they together with a team of helpers went from school to school and performed medical examinations on all of our deaf students on Bohol.

JaJa, our nurse usually has to perform all of the exams herself which takes approximately 5 weeks to accomplish.  With this incredible team we were able to do it all in 5 days.


Ali & Max helping out in Loon

Ali & Max helping out in Loon

Our first stop was the Bohol Deaf Academy where we set up stations to go through the list:

  • Temperature, Height & Weight
  • Blood Pressure and Pulse
  • Eyes and Ears Checked
  • Hair check for lice
  • Range of Motion
Medical Exams in Progress

Medical Exams in Progress


Then on to JaJa, Kristi and Peter for the final check-up.

They were able to identify hyper thyroid, heart murmurs, various anomalies in the ears and eyes, rotting teeth and some conditions caused by malnutrition.  The charts were noted and arrangements were made to get those with more serious issues off to Doctors and Dentists in town.

Other members of the team were Geoff Trickett, Max Cyphers, Athena Bales, Ali Hillabush and Scotti Hilbert.  Each person brought their own unique talent and abilities and a servant heart willing to help out wherever they were needed.  We couldn’t of done it all without them!



The team at Karl Jay’s House


Part of their work also included a home visit to check on a couple of children who had been absent for a few weeks.

It was a great experience for them to see our students in their home environment and to be welcomed with open arms and witness the  incredible generosity from those who have so little.

If you know of any other medical students, doctors or dentists that would like to come and share their talents with those in need, please contact us, there are plenty of needs here to be met.