IDEA Deaf Jobs

IDEA has been providing avenues of employment for the Deaf in Bohol for three decades now through IDEA initiated Employment and Income Generating Projects (EIGPs). These employment opportunities include the Garden Café, Dao Diamond Hotel and Restaurant, IDEA Café and Pension House, Fly Tying Industry, and Hammer and Nails Livelihood Center, Inc.

These facilities not only provide employment for the deaf but they also help sustain deaf educational programs.  They provide monthly contributions to support education as well as provide on-the-job training to students, new graduates, and out-of-school deaf.

Presently, these special deaf employment organizations support 145 deaf employees and more will be employed to support new construction projects. These former deaf students now have the opportunity to reach their full potential, are able to support their families, and even provide for the education of their siblings. This growing employment number is a good indicator that IDEA is living up to its mission and vision.

Watch this video of our Deaf in their respective jobs.