Hearing Aids Anyone?

Hearing Aids Anyone?

We were so happy to welcome Dr. Gene Bukowski to Bohol.  As a doctor of audiology and a board member of IDEA, Dr. Gene has taken a keen interest in helping us set up a complete audiology clinic.  With a great deal of help from CBM International and the Honolulu Rotary Club, IDEA Philippines was able to put up a new building in a suitably quiet place near IDEA’s Dao Diamond Hotel.   Dr. Gene, along with Starkey Labs, Dr. Darrell Mickey, CBM International and Gary Kidder donated equipment and aids to make sure we have a well equipped facility.

Click on the link below to watch a short video about the clinic.


Help For A Teacher

Meaghan in the center with the head teacher and some of the older deaf students.

Meaghan Shanahan served as a volunteer for a month this summer in one of the prep classrooms for the Deaf in the town of Loon, Bohol, Philippines.  Meaghan came to IDEA from Hawaii but has been working toward her teaching degree in Virginia and had some training in sign language.  This was one of those cases when everybody were winners because the kids loved Meaghan and Meaghan loved the kids.  Everyone really appreciated Meaghan’s attitude and her work with the little kids.  She was also able to spend some time with the Adventure Community Church team and formed some new friendships.  Thanks for the help Meaghan.

Cindy, Meaghan’s co-teacher in the prep classroom