Emergency Houses Role Out

I saw the government damage  statisics yesterday for Bohol from the quake and it reported 78,000 damaged structures and 6,800 homes totally destroyed.  Many of the people who lost their home to the quake are living in tents so the time is NOW to get emergency housing to them.  That is EXACTLY what IDEA is doing.

This week 10 homes were sent to the town of Loon for distribution and setup.  This is only now possible because the major bridge that serves that town has been reopened.  That in itself was an amazing engineering feat.  Today another 10 homes are headed for the town of Loboc.  Again made possible by the repair of several bridges.  We had already helped 7 families in the past two weeks either move into our transitional core homes or repair their damaged homes.


<p>Along with full prefabbed homes, IDEA is distributing lumber and plywood for those families who only need to repair their homes.</p>
<p>Early next week we are sending 10 emergency homes up to the town of Sagbayan which was the epicenter of the quake.  With over 6000 homes having been destroyed, we have a lot of work to do in getting help to these people.  Luckily there are other organizations helping fill this gap like M.O.M. (Montana&#8217;s On A Mission) and Habitat for Humanity.  It is safe to say that IDEA is the only agency currently distributing and setting up homes but others will soon start.</p>

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