Bohol Deaf Festival



It has been three years since the last Bohol Deaf Festival.  On December 6 & 7 deaf children and adults from all over the island made their way to the Bohol Deaf Academy for the two days of fun, games, presentations and fellowship.  For many of the youngsters this was the first time for them to actually meet the entire IDEA deaf family.  More that 400 people took part in the festival and despite the occasional rain, everyone had a good time.  A big thank you to Marianne Fisher for once again underwriting this event.  It is this festival that bonds the deaf from all over Bohol into a family and creates a deaf community like none other in the world.  Take a look at this 12 minute video to get an idea of what went on.


Here Are Some Pictures Of The Event

A big thanks to Steve Ocon for being the photographer and for putting together IDEA’s web sites.