BDA Basketball Tournament

Play Off Teams

Bohol Deaf Academy (BDA) sponsored a second annual basketball tournament this November.  Two other private high schools as well as deaf teams from IDEA’s Office and Construction Crew, Dao Diamond Hotel, and Garden Café all joined the fray.

The event was held on BDA’s campus at the amphitheater style court.  Because much of the audience were deaf, the cheering was not all that audible but the energy was off the charts.  As the play by play commentator(obviously only for the hearing audience)  announced over the PA system near the end of the final game, “The crowd is going crazy”, but it was a quiet type of crazy for sure.

The final game was between the IDEA Crew and the Dao Diamond Hotel Crew with the IDEA Crew winning only by one (1) point. It was a real cliff hanger.

IDEA Crew consisting of; construction workers, drivers, and office workers
Dao Diamond Crew consisting of; cooks, maintenance workers, and drivers.

The half time entertainment featured a wonderful dance routine by three BDA students and also a short skit by two other students.
There was a one hour break between the final two games when the defending team needed to take a rest so an exhibition basketball game was played between the ladies from Dao Diamond Hotel and the ladies from the IDEA Philippines Office.  What a hoot.  The crowd was on its feet for much of the match and this time the laughter from both the deaf and hearing was a load.